Patient Monitor

Bedside monitor, Smart simplicity

12.1” LED Screen

Wide-viewing screen with adjustable brightness provides a clearer and more comfortable perspective.

Energy conservation design offers a cleaner care environment.

Simplified Workflow

Most of operation can be completed within two steps , workflow is easier and faster.

Medical Professional Touch- Screen

Reliable and stable touch- screen helps to create a more effective monitoring performance.

Smart Key

Touch-and-achieve keys simplify the operations greatly and save lots of time.

High-Capacity Lithium Battery

Up to 6 hours capacity totally meets the power requirement of ambulance and first-aid.

Constant Operation: 6 H

Slim and Lightweight

Portable structure with 12.9cm height and 3.2kg weight makes clinical transport easier and more convenient.


Plug-and-Play Module

Monitoring function can be quickly adjusted according to the specific clinical requirements.
One module can be compatible with many machines.